40% Savings on E-Cig Accessories!

Savings on E-Cig Accessories

There’s no doubt that SmokeTip offers a wide range of helpful electric cigarette accessories. Everything from the travel charger case to the e-cig lanyard are very well received by our customers. What’s even better than being fully stocked on the wide range of reliable accessories from SmokeTip? Getting a special deal, of course.

Your e-cig battery and chargers are pretty much the lifeblood of the whole smokeless operation. With that in mind, SmokeTip is now happy to offer a special combo deal that will provide you a 40% savings on e-cig accessories. You’ll get one of our reliable SmokeTip batteries and the USB charger and wall adapter to go with it. Slap a few ten packs of flavor cartridges on your order and you’re ready to start rolling. Oh, and don’t forget the free shipping you get on every order. After all, savings on e-cig accessories are our specialty.

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