Can’t Decide? Consider a Variety Pack of E-Cig Flavors

Variety Pack of E-Cig Flavors

SmokeTip is well known not only for offering the most advanced electronic cigarette, but also the widest variety of flavor cartridges. You can get any flavor you want, from apple to strawberry, from almond to vanilla, from regular to menthol. Most people love this. Others are less decisive and maybe even intimidated by all the choices.

For those of you having a hard time choosing between the great flavors, we can’t exactly blame you. Take a couple of minutes to read our SmokeTip Facebook page and you’ll see plenty of people talking about how satisfying and realistic their flavor of choice is. So how are you supposed to choose your favorite without sampling a few? Enter, the SmokeTip variety pack of e-cig flavors.

With our handy variety pack of e-cig flavors, you flat out don’t have to make a decision right now. For the same price as any of the specific flavors, you get to sample a ton of them, making it that much easier to finally commit to one or two. Since all our flavors are so well received, though, you may just end up preferring the variety pack of e-cig flavors, which is ok, too.

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