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What Could Make SmokeTip E-Cigs Better? How About Batteries for Life?

  Yes, you read that right.  Today, we’re going to be talking about batteries for life for your SmokeTip e-cigarette.  You already love the quality of SmokeTip and how closely it mimics what you’re used to.  Why not make it even … Continue reading

Join Team Tip and Participate in Electric Cigarette Polls and Contests

  If you’re not familiar with Team Tip, it’s the collective name we’ve given to our dedicated followers on Facebook and Twitter.  We’re talking an e-cig fan club of over 4,200 people.  These folks are all about sharing their vaping … Continue reading

Keeping Tabs on Vapor Cig Discounts and Deals

There have been a crazy number of specials and deals offered at recently. It’s finally time to take a breath and let you know how easy it is to keep up with the next onslaught of vapor cig discounts … Continue reading

Now Offering Discount Electronic Cig Starter Kits

If you’ve been paying attention to the SmokeTip blog lately, you’ve been seeing special deals and discounts raining from the sky. Well, it’s not over yet. Maybe you’re already a big fan of SmokeTip and you’re looking to introduce a … Continue reading

Free Flavored E-Cig Cartridges from SmokeTip!

Time to face some facts. You love SmokeTip. You love the flavored refill cartridges we offer and how good we are at nailing flavors dead-on. You love telling your family and friends about how awesome your SmokeTip experience has been. … Continue reading

Have You Seen the Discount Pricing on E-Cig Cartridges?

What’s your favorite thing about the extremely popular flavored vapor cig refill cartridges we sell here at Is it the wide variety of awesome flavors you have to choose from? Or maybe it’s how close we are able to … Continue reading

$10 Off the Most Popular E-Cig Starter Kit!

Another one of those special SmokeTip deals on electric cigarattes has come up again. How does $10 off the most popular e-cig starter kit on the market grab ya? This bad boy has everything you need to get started down … Continue reading

How to Easily Keep Tabs on Special Savings on E-Cigs

We live in an instant world, especially when it comes to an our desire to use advanced technology like the SmokeTip e-cig. SmokeTip fully embraces this instantaneous mentality, as evidenced by our swift, free shipping on every order. But did … Continue reading

Hurry to Score Big Savings on E-Cig Refill Cartridges

Like a squirrel hording nuts for the winter, now’s your chance to stock up on your favorite SmokeTip refill cartridges at a big discount. When you buy 5 packs of cartridges at once, you’ll automatically save 25%. But hurry, this … Continue reading

Special Deals on Electronic Cigarettes

Finding a life-changing product is great, isn’t it? Almost as awesome is finding a fantastic deal on that very same product. I know what you’re thinking. “But SmokeTip is already the most affordable e-cig among the big name brands.” But … Continue reading