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What’s the Importance of Buying an American Electronic Cigarette?

E-cigs are e-cigs, right? If you’re going to make the transition from regular cigarettes to electronic cigarettes to save money or for health reasons, you just want something cheap that works, right? Actually, there have been a large number of … Continue reading

Bans on Using E-Cigs in N.Y. and N.J.?!

According to, government officials in New York and New Jersey are attempting to ban using e-cigs in their states. This is despite the American Association of Public Health Physicians stance that using e-cigs “could save the lives of 4 … Continue reading

SmokeTip Gets an Electronic Cigarette Review! recently wrote up a full electronic cigarette review on SmokeTip e-cigs. Highlights: “They are the only electronic cigarette brand offering a lifetime warranty.” “Their customer service is second to none.” Not too bad of a report card. View the … Continue reading