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Only Three More Days for the Special E-Cigar Deal!

  If you’re familiar with SmokeTip at all, you know we’re all about providing our customers fantastic deals on our innovative products.  That goes double for the holiday season.  We know Christmas and the New Year are great times to … Continue reading

The Most Important Things to Consider When Buying Electric Cigs

SmokeTip is, without a doubt, one of the most popular brands of vapor cigarette on the market today.  Our customers are loyal and enthusiastic about our products, and with good reason.  We feel like SmokeTip hits all the most important … Continue reading

Join Team Tip and Participate in Electric Cigarette Polls and Contests

  If you’re not familiar with Team Tip, it’s the collective name we’ve given to our dedicated followers on Facebook and Twitter.  We’re talking an e-cig fan club of over 4,200 people.  These folks are all about sharing their vaping … Continue reading

The New Disposable E-Cigarettes and E-Cigars

  Holy cow!  Have you seen the latest innovation from SmokeTip?  We’ve heard a few of your grumbling about not wanting to have to deal with batteries, refill cartridges, chargers, etc.  We’ve also gotten a few other comments about when … Continue reading

New Flavored E-Cig Refill Cartridges from SmokeTip!

SmokeTip staff and their customers are psyched. If you’re a regular reader of the articles here, you’re probably thinking, “Ok, so they have some new deal that they’re excited about again.” Actually, it’s much BIGGER than that. SmokeTip is proud … Continue reading

Smoketip honored with award for quality

Smoketip is proud to be recognized as brand of excellence by Through relentless detail to quality an innovation in vaping technology and electronic cigarettes Smoketip humbly accepts this award. We will continue to innovate and find flavors that delight … Continue reading

SmokeTip Has the Newest Electric Cigarette Accessories

We all know SmokeTip is already recognized as providing one of the most comprehensive portfolios of helpful and innovative electronic cigarette accessories. Despite being king of the hill, we still strive every day to come up with the newest electric … Continue reading

Saving Money by Using Electric Cigs

Nowadays, the bottom dollar is the bottom line for a lot of decisions we make. With that in mind, will you really be saving money by using electric cigs? If so, is it enough to make it worthwhile? Now’s your … Continue reading

Realistic Electric Cigarettes with the Eazy-Drag System

The key to any good smoking alternative is to provide a “smoking” experience that closely mimics the one you’re used to. Realistic electric cigarettes are the first smoking alternative to attempt to do this. Of course, some do it better … Continue reading

The Importance of Cleaning a Smokeless Cigarette

What’s the most important piece of technology you carry with you today? Your smartphone? Nope. That fancy new netbook or iPad? Not even close. None of these really care about providing you a satisfying smoking experience do they? Downloaded mp3s … Continue reading