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Share Your Stories About Smoking Everywhere

Hands-down, one of the best things about your new e-cig is smoking everywhere with it. The old, pain-in-the-butt smoking laws simply do not apply to you because you produce no secondhand smoke. Of course, we’ve addressed the value in sharing … Continue reading

E-Cig Forum: Utah Makes Progressive Move, Choosing E-Cigs

We like keeping tabs on the big e-cig forums out there. One of the best is (check them out by clicking here). They are always right at the forefront with the most important news and developments in the e-cigarette … Continue reading

Using Smokeless Cigarettes on an Airplane?

Those of you following our Twitter feed may have seen a recent picture of Johnny Depp using an e-cig on a plane in The Tourist. Those of us used to regular smokes probably haven’t even entertained the thought of smoking … Continue reading

What’s New on the E-Cig Forum?

Looks like there’s a real tug of war going on in the smokeless community on the e-cig forum. They’re debating whether you should vape (use your e-cig) in areas where you aren’t allowed to use traditional cigarettes. What do you … Continue reading

What’s Cooking on the Smokeless Cigarette Forum?

Welcome to another edition of our popular feature covering the hot topics on the smokeless cigarette forums. E-cig users are known to be fiercely loyal not only to their chosen make and model, but also to each other, through sizable … Continue reading

Do You Vape Where You Can’t Smoke?

Sure, you can vape wherever you want, but do you? Do you exercise your rights vape where you want? Or would you rather avoid the dirty looks and potential controversy? Join the healthy debate on this topic at the E-Cigarette … Continue reading

E-Cigs As a Quit Smoking Product

If you take more than a few minutes to research electronic cigarettes, you are likely to stumble across a multitude of touching and inspirational stories of people using the devices as a quit smoking product. Even though e-cigs have not … Continue reading

Teaching a Doctor About the Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

Every once in awhile, there comes along a story that is truly unique and inspiring in the world of electronic cigarettes. True, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of successful “quit smoking with e-cigs” stories out there. Not to say … Continue reading

Hot Topics Found on an E-Cigarette Forum

Forums are a great place for people of similar background or interest to get together and share questions, experiences, and advice. For those of you curious about electronic cigarettes, forums can be a godsend for finding out all you need … Continue reading