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Using Nicotine-Free Ecigarettes

Check out the Smoketip Starter Kit or browse our ecig flavor options. For those used to traditional cigarettes, nicotine-free ecigarettes probably fall in the same category as unicorns, leprechauns, and the Loch Ness Monster. It would be really cool to … Continue reading

Things to Consider When Buying Vapor Cigarette Components

Whether you’re a smokeless cigarette veteran or just now jumping on the e-cig bandwagon, there are probably a few specific criteria you’ll search for when buying vapor cigarette components. After all, just because everyone and their brother is selling electric … Continue reading

Treating Your Durable Smokeless Cig Right

SmokeTip is widely recognized as the most advanced electric cigarette on the market today. What you may not know, is that our e-cig is also well known for its durability and reliability. This is due not only to our high … Continue reading

People Are Smoking Everywhere and Anywhere They Want To!

If you’re a smoker, there’s probably plenty of times you wished you could go back in time to when they let people do their smoking everywhere they wanted to. Sometimes it’s just so darn frustrating to have to be so … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: How do E-Cigs Rank Among Popular Smoking Alternatives?

There are so many popular smoking alternatives out there, it can be difficult to know which is the best bet for your needs. For starters, let’s consider a recent study that looked into the popularity of e-cigs among the other … Continue reading

Encouraging a Longer Lasting Ecigarette Battery

SmokeTip is well known as the most advanced e-cig on the market today. Just ask our massive collection of satisfied customers. That advanced technology extends from end-to-end, including the battery. But there are obviously little things you can do to … Continue reading

Tips from SmokeTip for a Long-Life E-Cig

Whether you plan on buying an electric cigarette starter kit and accessories from or not, we have a few helpful tips to keep your ecigarette lasting as long as possible. With how closely e-cigs imitate the smokes you’re used … Continue reading

What’s Cooking on the Smokeless Cigarette Forum?

Welcome to another edition of our popular feature covering the hot topics on the smokeless cigarette forums. E-cig users are known to be fiercely loyal not only to their chosen make and model, but also to each other, through sizable … Continue reading

What’s the Best Electronic Cigarette Store?

If you’ve waited until now to start shopping for electronic cigarettes, you probably think it seems like everyone and their mother is selling the darn things. While it’s true that a wide variety of merchants have decided to try to … Continue reading

Reviewing Some Electronic Cigarette Facts

With any new piece of cutting edge technology, there are always a good number of questions and rumors swirling around. This seems to be especially true with electronic cigarettes, maybe because smoking is such an emotional issue. Anyway, we’re ready … Continue reading