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E-Cigs in the News: Electric Cigarettes Take the U of Kansas By Storm

The Kansan is an online newspaper operated by students at the University of Kansas. When one of their writers decided to give electric cigarettes a whirl, it’s safe to say she experienced a lot of the typical steps along the … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Be More Productive with the Most Advanced Electric Cig

Did you know that smokers are considered up to 20% less productive than their non-smoking co-workers? Of course, this is largely due to the ever-present smoke break. This problem is a thing of the past when you go with the … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Smoke Anywhere? Sure. Just Don’t Fight About It

Are you allowed to light up in the middle of a flight? Of course not. But, since electronic cigarettes are not “real” cigarettes and do not produce secondhand smoke, you can pretty much smoke anywhere. Let’s talk about a few … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Smokeless Cigs are Safe at Last

Following years of speculation, the FDA has announced they will regulate electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product. This is a major victory for those of us who thoroughly enjoy this popular smoking alternative, as it opens the door for regulatory … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Philly Vapefest Celebrates Vapor Cigs

If there’s one thing e-cig users love more than their new cigs, it’s getting together with other users and talking about how great their lives are now. The biannual Philly Vapefest draws e-cig fans from around the world to celebrate … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Using Electric Cigs on Campus

As more and more offices, businesses, and other localities push themselves closer and closer to being completely smoke-free, the average smoker can feel a little left out or oppressed. Some campuses are pushing for similar tobacco bans, attempting to prevent … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Popular American Ecigarettes

Lots of us love keeping up with ecigarette news. If there’s one thing we love almost as much as our vapor cigarettes, it’s reading stories about the rest of the world waking up to the great technological wonder that these … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: How do E-Cigs Rank Among Popular Smoking Alternatives?

There are so many popular smoking alternatives out there, it can be difficult to know which is the best bet for your needs. For starters, let’s consider a recent study that looked into the popularity of e-cigs among the other … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Using E-Cigs on Campus

Perhaps the best stories shared with us by our customers are all the interesting locations they are able to use our product. Whether it’s on a plane, in a restaurant, or any number of favorite places, the stories are very … Continue reading

Celebrities Using E-Cigs

Much has been made lately about celebrities using e-cigs. Just how many are out there? You’d be surprised. Check out this post from about all the celebs that have been spotted using e-cigs by clicking here. Of course, you … Continue reading