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What the New Postal Service Days Mean for Your E-Cigarette Deliveries

  Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few weeks, you’ve definitely heard about the Postal Service’s latest effort to combat their mounting debt…no more Saturday mail.  The changes don’t go into effect until August and are limited … Continue reading

Talk about Smokeless Cigs, Get $20 From SmokeTip

  There’s a reason that Team Tip (our social media followers) number over 4,100.  Word of mouth is a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to a fantastic technological advance like vapor cigarettes. We believe that SmokeTip is the most … Continue reading

The Newest Flavored Refill Cartridges for E-Cigs

  If you’re a loyal devotee of SmokeTip, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes recently.  The deals are getting better and better and the selection is getting even wider, especially when it comes to refill cartridges.  Let’s run down … Continue reading

New Flavored E-Cig Refill Cartridges from SmokeTip!

SmokeTip staff and their customers are psyched. If you’re a regular reader of the articles here, you’re probably thinking, “Ok, so they have some new deal that they’re excited about again.” Actually, it’s much BIGGER than that. SmokeTip is proud … Continue reading

Keeping Tabs on Vapor Cig Discounts and Deals

There have been a crazy number of specials and deals offered at recently. It’s finally time to take a breath and let you know how easy it is to keep up with the next onslaught of vapor cig discounts … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Electric Cigarettes Take the U of Kansas By Storm

The Kansan is an online newspaper operated by students at the University of Kansas. When one of their writers decided to give electric cigarettes a whirl, it’s safe to say she experienced a lot of the typical steps along the … Continue reading

Mild Menthol Electric Cigarettes Are All the Rage!

Those of you who love keeping tabs on all the great new flavors offered at SmokeTip better sit up and take notice. Mild menthol has officially taken the stage as the newest flavor cartridge for the most advanced electronic cigarette … Continue reading

What Comes in a Vapor Cig Starter Kit?

A vapor cig starter kit is a great way to get your first taste of the e-cig experience. You get a nice mix of all the necessary stuff to get you going without having to make any big commitment to … Continue reading

Share Your Stories About Smoking Everywhere

Hands-down, one of the best things about your new e-cig is smoking everywhere with it. The old, pain-in-the-butt smoking laws simply do not apply to you because you produce no secondhand smoke. Of course, we’ve addressed the value in sharing … Continue reading

The Newest E-Cig Battery and Charger

A lot of our SmokeTip customers are all about the latest and greatest when it comes to their vapor cigarette. They want to stay constantly updated on the newest flavors, accessories, and other developments. That’s why the introduction of the … Continue reading