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Vegas Vapefest 2011 is Sept. 16-17th!

Need an excuse to hang out with other vapers? How about an excuse to make a trip to Sin City? Well, cover both at once by making the pilgrimage to Vegas Vapefest 2011 from September 16-17. If there’s one thing … Continue reading

Fast Free Shipping on E-Cigs and Accessories

If you’re like me, or many of our SmokeTip devotees, you occasionally forget to order your refill cartridges or that fancy new e-cig accessory in advance. Before you know it, you’re almost out of cartridges or you’re about to leave … Continue reading

The Advantages of a 2 Piece Electric Cigarette

SmokeTip is recognized as the most advanced electronic cigarette on the market today. The major technological advancements that SmokeTip has brought to the industry are largely based on a rather simple design choice in the early development phases, which is … Continue reading

The SmokeTip Long-Life E-Cig Battery

We all know the standard SmokeTip batteries are great. Heck, they have a lifetime warranty, so you know you’re covered no matter what. But when has anyone ever said, “Gee, I wish my battery didn’t last as long?” With that … Continue reading

Who Offers the Best Vapor Cig Warranty?

Like any piece of cutting edge technology nowadays, you want a rock solid warranty on whatever brand of electric cigarette you choose. Considering the huge number of smokeless cigarette manufacturers out there, it can be tricky to determine who’s a … Continue reading

How does SmokeTip Compare to Popular E-Cig Brands?

There’s no doubt that people really love the SmokeTip brand when they give it a try. It probably has something to do with our wide range of flavor cartridges, useful accessories, affordable pricing, and free shipping on every order. Either … Continue reading

SmokeTip Offers a Special Sale on Electric Cigs

Ok, this one’s a no brainer. SmokeTip e-cigs are getting so popular nowadays it’s nearly impossible to not know someone who uses them. You might even be a loyal customer yourself. Either way, SmokeTip is happy to offer a special … Continue reading

Flavored E-Cig Cartridges for Dessert

Let me ask you a quick question. What’s better than that after dinner cigarette? If you’re like me and answered, “darn near nothing” then you’d probably love some of the flavored e-cig cartridges offered on the SmokeTip website. Chocolate Vapor … Continue reading

How is it Possible to Smoke Anywhere? Ecigarettes, That’s How

Let’s face it, more than anything else, smokers are creatures of habit. We don’t like to change brands or flavors, and some of us even need to smoke in the same locations or at the same times every day. Because … Continue reading

Using Nicotine-Free Ecigarettes

Check out the Smoketip Starter Kit or browse our ecig flavor options. For those used to traditional cigarettes, nicotine-free ecigarettes probably fall in the same category as unicorns, leprechauns, and the Loch Ness Monster. It would be really cool to … Continue reading