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Hurricane Sandy Delays E-Cigarette Shipments

  Hurricane Sandy has hit a wide swath of the eastern seaboard, racking up billions of dollars worth of damage and leaving many without power and basic services.  Work crews are tirelessly attempting to cleanup and restore power, but many … Continue reading

SmokeTip Has the Newest Electric Cigarette Accessories

We all know SmokeTip is already recognized as providing one of the most comprehensive portfolios of helpful and innovative electronic cigarette accessories. Despite being king of the hill, we still strive every day to come up with the newest electric … Continue reading

Realistic Electric Cigarettes with the Eazy-Drag System

The key to any good smoking alternative is to provide a “smoking” experience that closely mimics the one you’re used to. Realistic electric cigarettes are the first smoking alternative to attempt to do this. Of course, some do it better … Continue reading

Team Tip Contains Nearly 3,000 Satisfied Vapor Cig Users!

If there’s one thing that smokeless cigarette devotees love almost as much as their new piece of technology, it’s sharing stories and tips with each other, especially online. These networks often become huge, not to mention hugely popular. This is … Continue reading

Score $15 in Savings on Electronic Cigarettes

What are two of your favorite things? Your friends and your electric cig, right? Hopefully, because now you can combine the two and save yourself some coin on your next SmokeTip purchase. SmokeTip users are all about spreading the word … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Smoke Anywhere? Sure. Just Don’t Fight About It

Are you allowed to light up in the middle of a flight? Of course not. But, since electronic cigarettes are not “real” cigarettes and do not produce secondhand smoke, you can pretty much smoke anywhere. Let’s talk about a few … Continue reading

Fast Free Shipping on E-Cigs and Accessories

If you’re like me, or many of our SmokeTip devotees, you occasionally forget to order your refill cartridges or that fancy new e-cig accessory in advance. Before you know it, you’re almost out of cartridges or you’re about to leave … Continue reading

Time to Learn About a Vapor Cig Starter Kit Guarantee

When most people choose an electric cigarette brand for the first time, they begin with a starter kit. At SmokeTip, this kit includes 2 batteries, 6 refill cartridges, a wall adapter, a USB charger, instructions, and gift box packaging (just … Continue reading

How is it Possible to Smoke Anywhere? Ecigarettes, That’s How

Let’s face it, more than anything else, smokers are creatures of habit. We don’t like to change brands or flavors, and some of us even need to smoke in the same locations or at the same times every day. Because … Continue reading

How to Stay Up to Date on E-Cig News and Deals

The electronic cigarette industry is so growing and evolving so fast, that many feel like they can’t keep up. Even here at SmokeTip it seems like we have new information and deals coming out at lighting pace. So what’s the … Continue reading