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Have You Seen the Discount Pricing on E-Cig Cartridges?

What’s your favorite thing about the extremely popular flavored vapor cig refill cartridges we sell here at Is it the wide variety of awesome flavors you have to choose from? Or maybe it’s how close we are able to … Continue reading

Mild Menthol Electric Cigarettes Are All the Rage!

Those of you who love keeping tabs on all the great new flavors offered at SmokeTip better sit up and take notice. Mild menthol has officially taken the stage as the newest flavor cartridge for the most advanced electronic cigarette … Continue reading

We Make it Easy to Find Long-Lasting Vapor Cigarettes

When you find something awesome, you just want it to last longer, don’t you? Those who have made the switch to electronic cigarettes have used words much stronger than “awesome” to describe the experience. So how do you find the … Continue reading

Hurry to Score Big Savings on E-Cig Refill Cartridges

Like a squirrel hording nuts for the winter, now’s your chance to stock up on your favorite SmokeTip refill cartridges at a big discount. When you buy 5 packs of cartridges at once, you’ll automatically save 25%. But hurry, this … Continue reading

Can’t Decide? Consider a Variety Pack of E-Cig Flavors

SmokeTip is well known not only for offering the most advanced electronic cigarette, but also the widest variety of flavor cartridges. You can get any flavor you want, from apple to strawberry, from almond to vanilla, from regular to menthol. … Continue reading

What Are Your Favorite Vapor Cig Flavors?

Just like with the smokes you’re used to, you probably will wind up with a few favorite vapor cig flavors once you make the switch. Whether you’re a traditionalist and go with the regular, menthol, or cowboy flavors or you … Continue reading

Ordering E-Cig Cartridges is Soooo Easy with SmokeTip

If you’ve been a smoker for awhile, you know the importance of having your smokes on-hand when you need them. There are just those times where you simply do not have the time to run out and get more or … Continue reading

Flavored E-Cig Cartridges for Dessert

Let me ask you a quick question. What’s better than that after dinner cigarette? If you’re like me and answered, “darn near nothing” then you’d probably love some of the flavored e-cig cartridges offered on the SmokeTip website. Chocolate Vapor … Continue reading

Which Flavored Vapor Cigarettes are Most Popular?

We get a lot of questions regarding flavor from folks thinking about purchasing their first electric cigarettes. After all, making the change to a smoking alternative after all these years is certainly not easy, particularly if big things like taste … Continue reading

Ordering Electric Cigarette Cartridges from SmokeTip is Super Easy!

Whether you’re a repeat, loyal SmokeTip customer or considering making your initial starter kit purchase, knowing how easy it is to order electric cigarette cartridges from SmokeTip is important info to consider. Because we all know there will be that … Continue reading