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Why Buying E-Cig Refill Cartridges in Bulk Make Good Sense

  Look, you’re a practical person.  You know an honestly good deal when you see one.  If you didn’t you never would have selected electric cigarettes as your smoking alternative in the first place.  And if you’re a loyal Smoketip … Continue reading

Only Three More Days for the Special E-Cigar Deal!

  If you’re familiar with SmokeTip at all, you know we’re all about providing our customers fantastic deals on our innovative products.  That goes double for the holiday season.  We know Christmas and the New Year are great times to … Continue reading

What’s New on the SmokeTip Facebook Page?

  Those of you who are regulars here at the SmokeTip blog know all about Team Tip and all the great information you can find on smokeless alternatives at our social media sites.  If it’s been awhile since you checked … Continue reading

The New Disposable E-Cigarettes and E-Cigars

  Holy cow!  Have you seen the latest innovation from SmokeTip?  We’ve heard a few of your grumbling about not wanting to have to deal with batteries, refill cartridges, chargers, etc.  We’ve also gotten a few other comments about when … Continue reading

Free Electric Cigarette Cartridges from SmokeTip!

Those of you who have been around the site for awhile know that SmokeTip is all about special deals to reward our loyal customers. Now, we have decided to setup a permanent referral deal for those of you who have … Continue reading

Saving Money by Using Electric Cigs

Nowadays, the bottom dollar is the bottom line for a lot of decisions we make. With that in mind, will you really be saving money by using electric cigs? If so, is it enough to make it worthwhile? Now’s your … Continue reading