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Who Has the Cheapest Vapor Cigarette on the Market?

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What Makes For a Smooth Ecigarette?

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing your favorite manufacturer of electronic cigarettes. You’ll obviously want to consider things like price, flavors of refill cartridges available, whether or not they sell useful accessories, etc. Obviously a high … Continue reading

Do Smoke-Free Cigarettes Exist?

Smoke-free cigarettes? Isn’t that kind of like fat-free bacon? Or sugar-free soda? I mean, even if they exist, there must be massive trade-offs, right? Actually, smoke-free cigarettes do exist and they are a wildly popular smoking alternative. So how can … Continue reading

Encouraging a Longer Lasting Ecigarette Battery

SmokeTip is well known as the most advanced e-cig on the market today. Just ask our massive collection of satisfied customers. That advanced technology extends from end-to-end, including the battery. But there are obviously little things you can do to … Continue reading

Tips from SmokeTip for a Long-Life E-Cig

Whether you plan on buying an electric cigarette starter kit and accessories from or not, we have a few helpful tips to keep your ecigarette lasting as long as possible. With how closely e-cigs imitate the smokes you’re used … Continue reading

So What are the Ingredients in Ecigarettes?

Ecigarettes are a brand new thing to a lot of people. Some people are scared of change, especially when it comes to something as central in their life as smoking. So, let’s talk about the ingredients in ecigarettes. Those familiar … Continue reading

Let’s Talk About an Electric Cigarette Guarantee

If you’re a retailer with extremely high confidence in your product, you offer your customers a guarantee. At SmokeTip, not only do we offer a lifetime guarantee on our e-cig batteries, but we even offer a 30 day electric cigarette … Continue reading

A Lesson in Long Lasting E-Cig Batteries

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Ordering Electric Cigarette Cartridges from SmokeTip is Super Easy!

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Free E-Cig Cartridges for Referring a Friend to SmokeTip!

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