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Get 25% More Cigarettes Per Pack!

What a fantastic deal! You can continue smoking almost exactly the way you’re used to but you’ll get 25% more cigarettes per pack! A few catches to this offer. First, you’ll have to be ok with paying much less money … Continue reading

What’re Your Favorite E-Cig Accessories?

It’s hard to pick your favorite e-cig accessories, isn’t it? There are just so many great, affordable products to choose from. There’s the new e-cig lanyard, which is definitely one of our customers’ favorite e-cig accessories. The original transport system, … Continue reading

Celebrities Using E-Cigs

Much has been made lately about celebrities using e-cigs. Just how many are out there? You’d be surprised. Check out this post from about all the celebs that have been spotted using e-cigs by clicking here. Of course, you … Continue reading

We Found a New E-Cig Forum!

Like they say, “if you haven’t seen it, it’s new to you.” That’s definitely the case now that we’ve stumbled upon an e-cig forum that is very well-established and hardly new. E-cig users are renowned for establishing strong and supportive … Continue reading

What the Best Flavored E-Cig Cartridge?

Flavor is paramount to any smoker, whether you use regular smokes or electronic cigarettes. For the e-cig crowd, loyalties to a certain flavored e-cig cartridge can be pretty strong. So, whether you’re wondering which flavored e-cig cartridge is right for … Continue reading

Who Has the Most Advanced Smokeless Cigarette?

Unlike some others, you’re not the type to get distracted by pretty bells and whistles right? Sure, lots of e-cig makers slap on a bunch of fancy stuff to make it seem like they have the coolest electronic cigarettes, but … Continue reading

Your Favorite E-Cig Stories at #SmokeTip!

It seems like we’ve developed quite a nice online following. Like any good smokeless cigarette group, it’s time we start sharing our favorite e-cig stories. We’ll have to keep them brief to be compatible with the Twitterscape, but the hashtag … Continue reading

Why Is SmokeTip Such an Awesome Electronic Cigarette Retailer?

First off, thank you for saying so, that’s very nice of you. There are quite a few reasons why so many e-cig users think of SmokeTip as an awesome electronic cigarette retailer, but we’ll just hit on some of our … Continue reading

Smoking E-Cigs? What’s in it For Me?

Sure, you’ve heard about the crazy popularity of electronic cigarettes lately, but you’re not the type of person to start smoking e-cigs just because they’re the hot new thing. If you’re going to make such a significant lifestyle change, you’re … Continue reading

Where Can I Find the Best E-Cig Information?

Questions about e-cigs? Not sure how to get started? Or maybe you’re just not yet convinced smokeless cigarettes are the best route for you. Whatever e-cig information you need, SmokeTip is happy to provide it. Just check out all the … Continue reading