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The FDA Prefers Cigarettes to Smoking E-Cigs!

In another instance of slow-moving government agencies being unwilling or unable to keep up with trends in technology, the FDA has come out in stubborn opposition against the idea of a nicotine delivery device they can’t regulate in some way. … Continue reading

FOX Freedom Watch Ready to Chime in on Healthy E-Cigs?

Not without your vote, they’re not. Judge Napolitano takes suggestions on show ideas from votes collected on his website. They’re currently considering a show on healthy e-cigs and why the FDA is attempting to groundlessly ban them. Without your vote, … Continue reading

Bans on Using E-Cigs in N.Y. and N.J.?!

According to, government officials in New York and New Jersey are attempting to ban using e-cigs in their states. This is despite the American Association of Public Health Physicians stance that using e-cigs “could save the lives of 4 … Continue reading

SmokeTip Gets an Electronic Cigarette Review! recently wrote up a full electronic cigarette review on SmokeTip e-cigs. Highlights: “They are the only electronic cigarette brand offering a lifetime warranty.” “Their customer service is second to none.” Not too bad of a report card. View the … Continue reading

Do You Vape Where You Can’t Smoke?

Sure, you can vape wherever you want, but do you? Do you exercise your rights vape where you want? Or would you rather avoid the dirty looks and potential controversy? Join the healthy debate on this topic at the E-Cigarette … Continue reading

Free Shipping on a New E-Cig Kit?

Only SmokeTip offers free shipping on all orders. That’s free shipping on e-cig kits, cartidges, and all accessories. What are you waiting for? Check out their selection!

Why Is My E-Cig Atomizer Heating Up?

With a SmokeTip e-cig atomizer, noticeable heat could mean one of two things. First, you may be running low on your current cartridge, meaning the atomizer has little solution left to heat. Check and replace if necessary. If the cartridge … Continue reading

Can I Really Smoke Anywhere With an E-Cig?

SmokeTip electronic cigarettes contain no flame, no tobacco, and create no secondhand smoke, so bans on traditional smoking do no apply. SmokeTip customers report having successfully used our product in restaurants, workplaces, etc. Of course, the extremely realistic electronic cigarettes … Continue reading

How Much Will I Save By Switching to Smokeless Cigarettes?

Every person is different, but there’s probably no one out there who hasn’t seen significant cost savings when switching to smokeless cigarettes. SmokeTip e-cig cartridges are equal to about 1.25 packs of traditional cigarettes. As an example, if you smoke … Continue reading

There Are ZERO Carcinogens in a SmokeTip E-Cig?!?

It is estimated that a traditional cigarette contains 43 cancer-causing compounds, a.k.a. carcinogens. Reliable and durable electronic cigarettes from SmokeTip contain absolutely no carcinogens. Plus you get to skip all the hot smoke and tar. Not too shabby if you … Continue reading