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How to Easily Keep Tabs on Special Savings on E-Cigs

We live in an instant world, especially when it comes to an our desire to use advanced technology like the SmokeTip e-cig. SmokeTip fully embraces this instantaneous mentality, as evidenced by our swift, free shipping on every order. But did … Continue reading

We Make it Easy to Find Long-Lasting Vapor Cigarettes

When you find something awesome, you just want it to last longer, don’t you? Those who have made the switch to electronic cigarettes have used words much stronger than “awesome” to describe the experience. So how do you find the … Continue reading

Realistic Electric Cigarettes with the Eazy-Drag System

The key to any good smoking alternative is to provide a “smoking” experience that closely mimics the one you’re used to. Realistic electric cigarettes are the first smoking alternative to attempt to do this. Of course, some do it better … Continue reading

Hurry to Score Big Savings on E-Cig Refill Cartridges

Like a squirrel hording nuts for the winter, now’s your chance to stock up on your favorite SmokeTip refill cartridges at a big discount. When you buy 5 packs of cartridges at once, you’ll automatically save 25%. But hurry, this … Continue reading

The Importance of Cleaning a Smokeless Cigarette

What’s the most important piece of technology you carry with you today? Your smartphone? Nope. That fancy new netbook or iPad? Not even close. None of these really care about providing you a satisfying smoking experience do they? Downloaded mp3s … Continue reading

Time for Some Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Flashy banners and advertisements are nice, but don’t you always feel better when you read reviews directly from customers? With that in mind, we’re going to stand aside and let you check out a few of the electronic cigarette reviews … Continue reading

Special Deals on Electronic Cigarettes

Finding a life-changing product is great, isn’t it? Almost as awesome is finding a fantastic deal on that very same product. I know what you’re thinking. “But SmokeTip is already the most affordable e-cig among the big name brands.” But … Continue reading

40% Savings on E-Cig Accessories!

There’s no doubt that SmokeTip offers a wide range of helpful electric cigarette accessories. Everything from the travel charger case to the e-cig lanyard are very well received by our customers. What’s even better than being fully stocked on the … Continue reading

Introducing the SmokeTip Electric Cig Cleaning Kit

After making the switch to electronic cigarettes, it’s important to focus on maintenance of your new piece of technology. You used to just throw away your smokes after you were done with them, but no longer. This is a highly … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Be More Productive with the Most Advanced Electric Cig

Did you know that smokers are considered up to 20% less productive than their non-smoking co-workers? Of course, this is largely due to the ever-present smoke break. This problem is a thing of the past when you go with the … Continue reading