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Join Team Tip and Participate in Electric Cigarette Polls and Contests

  If you’re not familiar with Team Tip, it’s the collective name we’ve given to our dedicated followers on Facebook and Twitter.  We’re talking an e-cig fan club of over 4,200 people.  These folks are all about sharing their vaping … Continue reading

What’s New on the SmokeTip Facebook Page?

  Those of you who are regulars here at the SmokeTip blog know all about Team Tip and all the great information you can find on smokeless alternatives at our social media sites.  If it’s been awhile since you checked … Continue reading

Keeping Tabs on Vapor Cig Discounts and Deals

There have been a crazy number of specials and deals offered at recently. It’s finally time to take a breath and let you know how easy it is to keep up with the next onslaught of vapor cig discounts … Continue reading

E-Cigarette Reviews and Testimonials

Let’s face it, there are a ton of companies out there selling electric cigarettes online. How are you supposed to know which is the most reliable and satisfying product? In times like this, e-cigarette reviews and testimonials come in really … Continue reading

How to Easily Keep Tabs on Special Savings on E-Cigs

We live in an instant world, especially when it comes to an our desire to use advanced technology like the SmokeTip e-cig. SmokeTip fully embraces this instantaneous mentality, as evidenced by our swift, free shipping on every order. But did … Continue reading

Electric Cigs Online – Why You Should Join Team Tip

Like we’ve said before, if there’s one thing e-cig users like almost as much as their e-cigs, it’s sharing their stories and tips with fellow users. This is fairly obvious after browsing our Facebook and Twitter pages. Over 3,000 people … Continue reading

Time for Some Electronic Cigarette Reviews

Flashy banners and advertisements are nice, but don’t you always feel better when you read reviews directly from customers? With that in mind, we’re going to stand aside and let you check out a few of the electronic cigarette reviews … Continue reading

Team Tip Contains Nearly 3,000 Satisfied Vapor Cig Users!

If there’s one thing that smokeless cigarette devotees love almost as much as their new piece of technology, it’s sharing stories and tips with each other, especially online. These networks often become huge, not to mention hugely popular. This is … Continue reading

Special Deals on Electronic Cigarettes

Finding a life-changing product is great, isn’t it? Almost as awesome is finding a fantastic deal on that very same product. I know what you’re thinking. “But SmokeTip is already the most affordable e-cig among the big name brands.” But … Continue reading

How to Stay Up To Date on the Latest E-Cig News

If you’re an avid reader here at, you’ll know that we recently started talking about something called Team Tip. This loose band of rebels has decided to kick their smokes to the curb and switch to the popular smoking … Continue reading