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Enjoy Red Wine Flavored Electronic Cigarettes!

  SmokeTip continued our highly popular “Flavor of the Month” series with February’s selection, Red Wine.  Folks are loving the new flavor and it complements the rest of our lineup very well.  Over 20 delicious flavors of electronic cigarette refill … Continue reading

January’s E-Cigarette Flavor of the Month – Blueberry

  Our loyal e-cig users have spoken and have consistently asked for a wider variety of our popular and realistic flavor options.  So, SmokeTip recently unveiled smokeless cigarette flavors of the month, where we introduce a new flavor and give … Continue reading

Keep Your New Years Resolution Going With Realistic E-Cigarettes!

  How many times have we been through this.  The holiday season rolls around and you know you’re planning on giving up your smokes once the calendar turns.  But, before you know it, it’s still January and you’re back on … Continue reading

E-Cigarettes Make Fantastic Christmas Gifts

  Smoking and Christmas generally don’t go together, despite what the above advertisement from the 30’s would like you to think.  But e-cigarettes are definitely different.  So what makes this product such a great stocking stuffer for this Christmas? It’s … Continue reading

The Most Important Things to Consider When Buying Electric Cigs

SmokeTip is, without a doubt, one of the most popular brands of vapor cigarette on the market today.  Our customers are loyal and enthusiastic about our products, and with good reason.  We feel like SmokeTip hits all the most important … Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy Delays E-Cigarette Shipments

  Hurricane Sandy has hit a wide swath of the eastern seaboard, racking up billions of dollars worth of damage and leaving many without power and basic services.  Work crews are tirelessly attempting to cleanup and restore power, but many … Continue reading

The New Disposable E-Cigarettes and E-Cigars

  Holy cow!  Have you seen the latest innovation from SmokeTip?  We’ve heard a few of your grumbling about not wanting to have to deal with batteries, refill cartridges, chargers, etc.  We’ve also gotten a few other comments about when … Continue reading

The Newest Flavored Refill Cartridges for E-Cigs

  If you’re a loyal devotee of SmokeTip, you’ve probably noticed a lot of changes recently.  The deals are getting better and better and the selection is getting even wider, especially when it comes to refill cartridges.  Let’s run down … Continue reading

E-Cigarette Reviews and Testimonials

Let’s face it, there are a ton of companies out there selling electric cigarettes online. How are you supposed to know which is the most reliable and satisfying product? In times like this, e-cigarette reviews and testimonials come in really … Continue reading

Have You Seen the Discount Pricing on E-Cig Cartridges?

What’s your favorite thing about the extremely popular flavored vapor cig refill cartridges we sell here at Is it the wide variety of awesome flavors you have to choose from? Or maybe it’s how close we are able to … Continue reading