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Vapor Cigarettes as Christmas Presents

Still thinking about what to get your friends and family for Christmas? Not to put any pressure on you, but you know you have less than two weeks, right? Sorry. Anyway, if there are any smokers among your giftees, consider … Continue reading

We Make it Easy to Find Long-Lasting Vapor Cigarettes

When you find something awesome, you just want it to last longer, don’t you? Those who have made the switch to electronic cigarettes have used words much stronger than “awesome” to describe the experience. So how do you find the … Continue reading

Vapor Cigarette Warranties and Guarantees A-Plenty!

What’s the most important emotion to feel when buying a new technology for the first time? Confidence. You don’t want to feel like you’re blindly leaping and potentially about to blow a bunch of money on a product that will … Continue reading

Can’t Decide? Consider a Variety Pack of E-Cig Flavors

SmokeTip is well known not only for offering the most advanced electronic cigarette, but also the widest variety of flavor cartridges. You can get any flavor you want, from apple to strawberry, from almond to vanilla, from regular to menthol. … Continue reading

What Are Your Favorite Vapor Cig Flavors?

Just like with the smokes you’re used to, you probably will wind up with a few favorite vapor cig flavors once you make the switch. Whether you’re a traditionalist and go with the regular, menthol, or cowboy flavors or you … Continue reading

Score $15 in Savings on Electronic Cigarettes

What are two of your favorite things? Your friends and your electric cig, right? Hopefully, because now you can combine the two and save yourself some coin on your next SmokeTip purchase. SmokeTip users are all about spreading the word … Continue reading

What Comes in a Vapor Cig Starter Kit?

A vapor cig starter kit is a great way to get your first taste of the e-cig experience. You get a nice mix of all the necessary stuff to get you going without having to make any big commitment to … Continue reading

E-Cigs in the News: Be More Productive with the Most Advanced Electric Cig

Did you know that smokers are considered up to 20% less productive than their non-smoking co-workers? Of course, this is largely due to the ever-present smoke break. This problem is a thing of the past when you go with the … Continue reading

How to Stay Up To Date on the Latest E-Cig News

If you’re an avid reader here at, you’ll know that we recently started talking about something called Team Tip. This loose band of rebels has decided to kick their smokes to the curb and switch to the popular smoking … Continue reading

Vegas Vapefest 2011 is Sept. 16-17th!

Need an excuse to hang out with other vapers? How about an excuse to make a trip to Sin City? Well, cover both at once by making the pilgrimage to Vegas Vapefest 2011 from September 16-17. If there’s one thing … Continue reading