Do I Really Need to Switch to an Electric Cigarette?

The title of this article contains the word “need” because we all know that, when it comes to smoking, making a big change takes more than just a “want.” Sure, you’ve heard about smokeless cigarettes but is it really worth making the switch? Or is this just some fad that’s going to go by the wayside and leave everyone running back to their Marlboros?

Electric Cigarettes

For those who don’t know, smokeless cigarettes give the look and feel of traditional cigarettes without a lot of the negatives. This includes all the crazy chemicals inside cigarettes. This means no harm to yourself of those around you. Also, an electric cigarette can be smoked in a wide variety of flavors, which can help you quit, if that is you end goal. The units are also rechargeable and significantly cheaper than traditional cigarettes.

Smoke Anywhere

Since bans on traditional smoking typically do not apply to electric cigarettes, you now likely have the ability to once again smoke virtually anywhere. For those of us who are a little younger, this type of freedom may be a whole new frontier. Of course, the best and most realistic electronic cigarettes can easily fool those around you, so be sure to mention your new toy before you fire it up.

Save Money

The other major drawback to being a smoker? I’ll bet dollar signs just popped into your head. The cost of heavy smoking has gotten to be downright ridiculous in recent years. Not so with an electric cigarette. Not only do they last longer than traditional cigarettes, but they are much much cheaper.

So, let’s breakdown the list of everyone who will be thanking you for making the switch to smokeless cigarettes: your family, your friends, strangers around you, your wallet…oh yeah, and yourself.

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