E-Cig Forum: Utah Makes Progressive Move, Choosing E-Cigs

We like keeping tabs on the big e-cig forums out there. One of the best is E-Cigarette-Forum.com (check them out by clicking here). They are always right at the forefront with the most important news and developments in the e-cigarette world. Not to mention, they have great advice from e-cig veterans on smokeless cigarette accessories, how to smoke anywhere, and guides for choosing e-cigs.

One issue that recently hit the boards is the result of the vote in the Utah House of Reps Business and Labor Committee. The committee was considering a bill that would ban most flavored smoke-free tobacco products and require the sale of the rest to be face-to-face. In short, had the bill passed and other states followed suit, you could kiss a great deal on this smoking alternative goodbye.

Luckily, the committee made the progressive choice and voted down the bill in resounding fashion, choosing e-cigs and their life-changing existence over the fear of change and misinformation out there. You can read all about the resounding decision by clicking here.

If you still need some help choosing e-cigs, feel free to browse all the great info and tips throughout the site here. And be sure to check out our full line of e-cig accessories while you’re at it.

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