E-Cigarettes Make Fantastic Christmas Gifts

E-Cigarettes for Christmas


Smoking and Christmas generally don’t go together, despite what the above advertisement from the 30’s would like you to think.  But e-cigarettes are definitely different.  So what makes this product such a great stocking stuffer for this Christmas?

It’s the Thought That Counts

It’s definitely a cliche gift-giving quote, but it’s true that a gift means so much more when the person receiving the gift can tell you were thinking about them.  If you have smokers in your life you are concerned about, then e-cigarettes are truly a great way of telling them you want to see them cut out all the nasty chemicals once and for all.

Personalization of the Vapor Cig Experience

The best part about scoring your loved ones a SmokeTip starter kit is your ability to customize it to their personality.  With our wide selection of flavored cartridge options, there’s no way you can’t find the perfect pick for the people on your Christmas list.  Imagine how psyched they’ll be when they take their first drag on the coffee or watermelon flavored e-cig you got them, just because you knew they’d appreciate it.

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