E-Cigs As a Quit Smoking Product

If you take more than a few minutes to research electronic cigarettes, you are likely to stumble across a multitude of touching and inspirational stories of people using the devices as a quit smoking product. Even though e-cigs have not been formally recognized as being such a product, the success stories beg to differ.

Take, for example, the tale of a long-time smoker who recently received his first e-cig kit. He smoked 2 1/2 packs per day for most of his life and had actually accepted the fact that smoking would one day take his life. He knew that he was likely to leave his wife a widow at a young age, while also missing much of his children’s adult lives.

When he first heard about the invention of electronic cigarettes, he took his time and did his research to confirm the reliability of the product. When his e-cig kit arrived and he took his first drag, “I swear, as the vapor hit my throat, I almost cried. I exhaled the vapor, relaxed and knew my life had changed forever.”

If you know anyone who has successfully kicked a long-time smoking habit with e-cigs as a quit smoking product, then you can understand the joy and elation this man felt. If you are struggling with quitting, consider looking into electronic cigarettes for your own benefit and for the sake of those who care about you.

You can read the full account of this ex-smokers success story by visiting the E-Cigarette-Forum here. Who knows, maybe you can one day add your name to the list of former smokers and proud owners of a smokeless cigarette.

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