E-Cigs in the News: Smoke Anywhere? Sure. Just Don’t Fight About It

Smoke Anywhere

Are you allowed to light up in the middle of a flight? Of course not. But, since electronic cigarettes are not “real” cigarettes and do not produce secondhand smoke, you can pretty much smoke anywhere. Let’s talk about a few do’s and don’ts for such situations.

Do: Talk to those around you before you “light up” your e-cig. Most times, when people have a heads-up, they won’t be so shocked when start “smoking” where it’s not allowed. They’ll probably be so curious they’ll want to have you answer all their questions about the new technology in your hand. Having the ability to smoke anywhere can be an eye-opening experience for you and those around you.

Don’t: Get yourself thrown off a flight over your new ability. Yes, you can now smoke anywhere, but the “heads-up” rule is especially applicable to flight attendants. You know they’re on edge right now, why would you make them nervous? A recent Southwest Airlines customer didn’t bother to explain himself to anyone, instead getting into a fight with flight attendants and throwing peanuts at the cockpit door when being asked repeatedly to “put out” his “cigarette.” Read the whole story by clicking here and learn what not to do.

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