E-Cigs in the News: Smokeless Cigs are Safe at Last

Following years of speculation, the FDA has announced they will regulate electronic cigarettes as a tobacco product. This is a major victory for those of us who thoroughly enjoy this popular smoking alternative, as it opens the door for regulatory acceptance of a product that millions have found to be useful and effective. Smokeless cigs have generated so many inspirational stories from a wide variety of users and this decision clears that way for so many more stories in the future.

Now that your smokeless cigs are officially safe, it might be a good time to revisit the idea of public perception of e-cigs in your daily life. Being a pioneer in the field of smoking alternative technology is not always easy. You’ve probably seen a few cross looks or even heard some nasty comments from those around you when you “light up” your vapor cigarette. Consider each of these interactions as another opportunity to educate those around you about the technological revolution of smokeless cigs. Most quickly retract their negative opinions once they realize you’re not actually “smoking” in a public place.

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