E-Cigs in the News: Using E-Cigs on Campus

Perhaps the best stories shared with us by our customers are all the interesting locations they are able to use our product. Whether it’s on a plane, in a restaurant, or any number of favorite places, the stories are very entertaining. If you’ve been keeping up with e-cigs in the news, you may have recently read about using e-cigs on campus.

In particular, Northern Michigan University has been inundated with those using e-cigs on campus to skirt the recent smoking ban. For those not aware, bans on traditional cigarettes do not apply to e-cigs since these units do not produce secondhand smoke (or any smoke, for that matter) and do not contain any of the nasty compounds found in the smokes you’re used to.

Read the whole story of e-cig use on the NMU campus by clicking here.

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