E-Cigs in the News: Using Electric Cigs on Campus

Using Electric Cigs

As more and more offices, businesses, and other localities push themselves closer and closer to being completely smoke-free, the average smoker can feel a little left out or oppressed. Some campuses are pushing for similar tobacco bans, attempting to prevent their student body from smoking or chewing on campus. Of course, these are college students we’re talking about, they’re no dummies. That’s why using electric cigs is becoming more and more popular among students.

At FSU, the school is looking to become a smoke-free campus by August of 2011. This doesn’t give students much time to find their favorite smoking alternative to still get their fix. Using electric cigs seems to be catching steam at campus, perhaps in preparation for the upcoming tobacco ban. Read the full story by clicking here.

Clearly, the students and so many others who have made the switch think that using electric cigs is their best bet for the smoking experience they’re used to. Once you agree, check out our great selection of vapor cigarette refill cartridges and e-cig accessories.

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