Electric Cigs Online – Why You Should Join Team Tip

Electric Cigs Online

Like we’ve said before, if there’s one thing e-cig users like almost as much as their e-cigs, it’s sharing their stories and tips with fellow users. This is fairly obvious after browsing our Facebook and Twitter pages. Over 3,000 people follow these two pages to keep up-to-date on everything SmokeTip. We refer to these diligent folks as “Team Tip.” So what’s the advantage of talking electric cigs online and joining Team Tip? Glad you asked…

  • Exclusive deals on electronic cigarettes and accessories – Who are the first people to find out about the special deals we offer on our products? Those who follow us most closely, of course. Members of Team Tip are on top of these deals, ready to save some major coin on their favorite products.
  • Favorite electric cig flavors and accessories – Feel like starting a debate about why Cowboy is the best flavor offered by SmokeTip? Or how about telling everyone about how the USB passthrough changed how you “smoke” forever? Team Tip is ready to hear all about it.
  • E-cig tips and adviceNeed to collect a little more information before deciding on certain flavor cartridges or accessories? Team Tip is happy to help out with helpful advice from SmokeTip veterans.

Team Tip is over 3,000 strong, but could be much stronger when you sign up and start talking about your favorite e-cig flavors, accessories, or what questions you have about SmokeTip products.

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