Enjoy 19 Realistic E-Cigarette Flavors!

Realistic E-Cigarette Flavors

As noted in previous posts, here at SmokeTip, we do everything can to get better for our customers. True, our product is already award winning, but that’s no excuse to not keep improving. Case in point, our satisfying, realistic e-cigarette flavors.

Anyone who knows SmokeTip knows that we offer a wide range of realistic e-cigarette flavors. What you may not realize is that SmokeTip now proudly offers 19 flavors of smokeless cigarette refill cartridges. Your old standbys like Regular, Menthol, and Cowboy are there, but so are a few flavors you might have always wanted to try like Clove, Vanilla, and Almond. Maybe you’re a little more daring and want to try one of our new fruit-flavored e-cig cartridges like Banana, Orange, or Watermelon.

Whatever your choice, you’ll always know that the most satisfying and realistic “smoking” experience is waiting for you at SmokeTip.com. Check out our full line of 19 realistic e-cigaratte flavors by clicking here.

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