Feeling Sick Once You Quit Smoking?

If you’re considering kicking the smoking habit but you don’t want to end up “sick” like some of your friends who quit smoking, consider the following. Dr. Linda Hyder Ferry addressed the issue of smokers who feel sick after they’ve quit smoking for the first time.

Many complain of airway issues, including sore throat and cough. These issues have led many to resume smoking, thereby putting their health further at risk.

Dr. Ferry, author of “How to Quit Smoking and Not Gain Weight,” notes that many smokers, particularly those who favored menthol cigarettes, have actually number their airways over the years. Once they quit smoking, the various components of their airways are “awakened,” able to feel again, and they begin trying to move out the various debris and toxins associated with smoking.

If you’re ready to quit smoking, don’t let these types of issues stop you. You can see Dr. Ferry’s full set of videos by clicking here.

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