Hot Topics Found on an E-Cigarette Forum

Forums are a great place for people of similar background or interest to get together and share questions, experiences, and advice. For those of you curious about electronic cigarettes, forums can be a godsend for finding out all you need to know about this new technological wonder. Here, we’ll cover some of the most popular and most interesting topic currently circulating around the popular site E-Cig Forums…

Converting Others to Smokeless Cigarettes

E-cig users are certainly a proud bunch. Once you make that leap, you certainly never look back. It’s just so much more convenient, affordable, and healthy that there are no regrets. This often gets to the point where folks are converted to smokeless cigarettes simply by the success stories of their friends and family. This thread on an e-cigarette forum talks about just these sort of events.

Quit Smoking with E-Cigs

Electronic cigarettes are a great way to end your dependency on nicotine. The forums are completely littered with stories of people who have successfully utilized e-cigs in this way. The most impressive and touching story of them all, however, may be this one, which has received a huge following on the e-cigarette forum.

Support System

Perhaps the best part of being involved with an e-cigarette forum is the level of support and advice you get from your fellow members. This is never more important than during the first few days. A great example is this thread, which documents one user’s first 50+ hours after switching from traditional cigarettes to smokeless cigarettes. You will see that the support system is amazing in this tight knit group.

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