How Do You Smoke an Electronic Cigarette?

Believe it or not, we’ve seen this exact search phrase becoming more and more popular lately. This obviously means we need to occasionally need to take a step back and not just assume everyone is on the same page with out e-cig info. Let’s start with some intro knowledge this time around…

Electronic Cigarettes

If you find yourself wondering “how do you smoke an electronic cigarette” then you’re at least interested in smoking alternatives. So, congrats on choosing to do something about such a nasty and harmful habit. Now, an electronic cigarette is meant to imitate the smokes you’re used to in a lot of ways. So, the simple answer to your original question is, just like you would a traditional cigarette…with a few subtle differences.

Lighting an Electronic Cigarette

First off, unless you like wasting money, do not attempt to light your e-cig on fire. Electronic cigarettes contain their own battery, so no need to provide any external energy in the form of fire. Just screw the cartridge (the yellow part) to the battery and atomizer (the white part). Now, you’re ready to start dragging just like you’re used to.

Refilling an Electronic Cigarette

I know, the concept of refilling a smoke is more confusing that the initial question of “how do you smoke an electronic cigarette.” Well, this is just one of the many things that makes e-cigs awesome. You can actually purchase and carry with you extra cartridges. Each of these will last as long as 1.25 packs of cigarettes. Sweet, huh?

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