How Much Would You Save By Using Vapor Cigarettes?

Save Using Vapor Cigarettes

I know the words “saving” and “smoking” usually don’t mix, but that’s all about to change. Did you know that you can save by using vapor cigarettes? Big time. Of course, the amount you’ll save varies with the brand you choose and the amount you smoke, but we have ways of figuring all that out…

First off, let’s address the issue of affordability. When it comes to the big name brands, SmokeTip is easily the most affordable e-cig out there on the market today (click here for more). So, if you’re looking to maximize the amount you save by using vapor cigarettes, SmokeTip is a great place to start. Free shipping on every order certainly doesn’t hurt, either.

So, now it comes down to the amount you smoke. Let’s say you smoke 1 pack per day at $5 per pack. The yearly amount you’d save by using vapor cigarettes instead is over $1000. In fact, the SmokeTip starter kit would pay for itself in only 20 days. Figure out your own personal savings by using our e-cig savings calculator (click here).

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