How to Stay Up to Date on E-Cig News and Deals

The electronic cigarette industry is so growing and evolving so fast, that many feel like they can’t keep up. Even here at SmokeTip it seems like we have new information and deals coming out at lighting pace. So what’s the best way to stay updated on e-cig news and deals when they keep coming out so fast?

First off, SmokeTip is happy to offer these articles to provide helpful and timely tips and information to their customers and other interested folks. If you’re a regular reader, you’ve hopefully come across some useful reading to keep you informed and educated. Of course, things often happen at a quicker pace than these articles can cover. How can you hear about e-cig news and deals even faster?

SmokeTip also operated Facebook and Twitter accounts to keep everyone on the cutting edge of this exciting technology. This way, even if you’re on the move, you can get your fill of e-cig news and deals instantly to your phone, tablet, or whatever other crazy technology has come out in the 20 minutes it took to write this article. Click here to check out our Facebook page, and stop by our Twitter feed by clicking here.

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