How to Stay Up To Date on the Latest E-Cig News

The Latest E-Cig News

If you’re an avid reader here at, you’ll know that we recently started talking about something called Team Tip. This loose band of rebels has decided to kick their smokes to the curb and switch to the popular smoking alternative, SmokeTip. If you’re new to the world of vapor cigarettes or just want to stay updated on all the latest e-cig news, you’re probably wondering how you can join the team.

Perhaps the best spot to go to start is our Facebook page (click here). Here, members of Team Tip will fill your screen with all kinds of great stories and their favorite picks for electric cig flavors and accessories. You’ll also see some postings from SmokeTip with the latest e-cig news.

Those of you on the cutting edge of social media may be more interested in our Twitter page (click here). You’ll get a lot of great tips and information straight from SmokeTip. Coupon offers and the latest e-cig news are posted all the time.

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