Introducing the SmokeTip Electric Cig Cleaning Kit

Electric Cig Cleaning Kit

After making the switch to electronic cigarettes, it’s important to focus on maintenance of your new piece of technology. You used to just throw away your smokes after you were done with them, but no longer. This is a highly advanced piece of technology in your purse or pocket that you need to take care of. We’ve written previous posts on how to maintain a long-lasting e-cig, but now we have an exciting update for you in the form of our new electric cig cleaning kit.

Maintaining clean contact between your battery and refill cartridge is essential for the smooth operation of your e-cig. Rather than having to dig through your stuff to find items that can be used to keep your e-cig clean and running right, we decided we could just provide you with everything you’ll need. The SmokeTip electric cig cleaning kit comes with medical grade cotton swabs, , alcohol prep pads, and t-pins to keep things running smoothly. Check out the electric cig cleaning kit alongside all our other helpful accessories by clicking here.

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