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Making any big change in your life is never that easy, especially when you feel like you’re all alone in it. If you’re one of the many SmokeTip devotees, then you’re definitely not alone, whether you know it or not. Team Tip (as in SmokeTip) is growing stronger by the minute and is ready to welcome you, whether you need a little help or if you’re cruising along just fine and ready to hand out some electric cig info and advice to others.

Failure to stick with a smoking alternative is partly the fault of the alternatives we’ve been stuck dealing with. Gums and patches are great, but they do little to emulate the smoking experience we’ve gotten used to. Luckily, great products like SmokeTip vapor cigs have changed all that. Regardless, some find it difficult to stick with their newfound technology and could use the support of a team around them. That’s why Team Tip and the electric cig info and advice the members provide one another is such an important component of any good smoking alternative plan.

So how do you jump on board with the great dynamic that is Team Tip? Well that’s easy enough. Just visit our Facebook page (click here) and Twitter feed (click here) to join the nearly 2,000 SmokeTip fans that currently use these to stay up to date on electric cig info and advice. Some of the most inspirational e-cig stories you’ll ever read can be found on our Facebook page. Add yours to the mix today!

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