Keeping Tabs on E-Cig Deals and Specials

Deals and Specials on E-Cigs

Granted, when a great company like SmokeTip keeps offering so many e-cig deals and specials on a popular product, it can be hard to keep up. Luckily, we’ve provided a few convenient ways for you to keep tabs on such developments so you don’t miss out on special discounts on your favorite e-cig of all time (that’s so nice of you to say, by the way).

First off, our SmokeTip Twitter feed is alive and well with up-to-date news on all the e-cig deals and specials we’re currently running. You’ll also be able to keep tabs on promotions and other events like the introduction of new flavors and accessories. Click here to read up on our Twitter feed.

The SmokeTip Facebook page is also coming along nicely, with nearly 1,900 “Likes” as of the date of this article. You’ll not only get relevant information straight from us on this page, but you can also interact with your fellow Tippers and hear some great stories. Check out our Facebook page and read about all our e-cig deals and specials by clicking here.

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