Let’s Check in On Some E-Cig Reviews from TeamTip

E-Cig Reviews

For a lot of people, making the final commitment to make an important purchase is based on the experiences of other recent customers. The same should be true for something as major as an electronic cigarette. Obviously, SmokeTip is uber-popular based on recent sales, but it’d be helpful to get a more specific review, don’t you think? Let’s check in with our Facebook commentators (a.k.a. TeamTip) to see what e-cig reviews they’re willing to provide…

I recently ordered these electronic cigarettes from SmokeTip and these electronic cigs are so good they are better for you, you do not get tar in your lungues [sic], there is no regular cig odor and it is not cancerous
~Ophelia H.
I am on day 2 of smoking SmokeTip. Once I got over the “something’s missing” part it’s really not that bad and i have 0 will power so this actually seems easy…so far I’m impressed, hoping this is my time to quit for good
~Becky C.
i cant believe that i have not smoked tobacco in 6 months. i smoked about 1 pack a day for 40 years. i knew better-have been an rn for 37 years. slowly killing myself but i did it anyway. quitting was so painless with ST. i havent smoked a butt since the day i received my kit. absolutely unbelievable. now, hopefully, i will be around…
~Jennifer K.

As you can see, positive e-cig reviews abound for the advanced electronic cigarette you’ll find here at SmokeTip. If you’re ready to start your own review process, check out our starter kit and helpful accessories. Once you do, join the TeamTip conversation by clicking here.

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