Only Three More Days for the Special E-Cigar Deal!

Special Deals on Disposable E-Cigars


If you’re familiar with SmokeTip at all, you know we’re all about providing our customers fantastic deals on our innovative products.  That goes double for the holiday season.  We know Christmas and the New Year are great times to finally switch from traditional cigarettes or tell a friend about e-cigarettes.  Now is the time of year to kick back with your favorite smoking flavors, which is even better when you know you’re not dealing with any of the nasty chemicals you’re used to.

That’s why SmokeTip is happy to offer an incredible discount on their new and highly popular disposable electric cigar.  You can now score this incredibly realistic smokeless cigar for only $10 through December 31st.

If you’re into ringing in the New Year with a delicious cigar, but no longer into filling your body with who know what, then this SmokeTip disposable e-cigar is right up your alley.  Check out the review video below for a demonstration.  And click here to check out the e-cigar when you’re ready…