Realistic Electric Cigarettes with the Eazy-Drag System

Realistic Electric Cigarettes

The key to any good smoking alternative is to provide a “smoking” experience that closely mimics the one you’re used to. Realistic electric cigarettes are the first smoking alternative to attempt to do this. Of course, some do it better than others. Don’t even bother looking at the el cheapo drug store brands if this is important to you. So why do we feel that SmokeTip leads the pack in regard to a satisfying, realistic “smoking” experience? Glad you asked…

The exclusive Eazy-Drag system, only from SmokeTip!

The atomizer of an electric cigarette is where the magic happens. This bad boy turns the liquid in your refill cartridge into a vapor, allowing you to inhale the mixture and receive a satisfying “smoking” experience like you’re used to. SmokeTip’s exclusive atomizer features the Eazy-Drag system, which utilizes a unique design for extremely improved air circulation. This means you get a reliable, satisfying puff every time.

Because SmokeTip recognizes the value of a durable, high quality atomizer, we’re happy to provide you with a ton of our atomizers for no extra cost. In fact, every SmokeTip refill cartridge comes with a brand new atomizer, ready to deliver a reliable “smoking” experience.

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