Share Your Stories About Smoking Everywhere

Smoking Everywhere

Hands-down, one of the best things about your new e-cig is smoking everywhere with it. The old, pain-in-the-butt smoking laws simply do not apply to you because you produce no secondhand smoke. Of course, we’ve addressed the value in sharing ifnormation about your new technology before simply “lighting up” wherever you please, but that doesn’t change the fact you’ll be smoking everywhere.

Alas, every great story is useless without someone to tell it to. So where can you go to share you stories about smoking everywhere? We have a few favorite options. Number one, of course, is our SmokeTip Facebook page. Here, you can discuss your newfound joy with other members of Team Tip. Click here to check it out. You can also head over to E-Cigarette-Forum, where they love to talk about stuff like this. Click here to join that great community.

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