SmokeTip Has the Newest Electric Cigarette Accessories

The Newest Electric Cigarette Accessories

We all know SmokeTip is already recognized as providing one of the most comprehensive portfolios of helpful and innovative electronic cigarette accessories. Despite being king of the hill, we still strive every day to come up with the newest electric cigarette accessories on the market. Let’s hit on a few of the latest additions to our product line…

  • Extended USB Charger for E-Cigs – This baby is hot off the presses and a fantastic addition. Whether your computer is wedged in a corner or whether you just prefer to have a handy outlet right on your desktop, this extended USB plug will be awesome for charging up your smokeless cig.
  • Long-Life Vapor Cigarette Battery – This one’s been out for a little while, but it’s popularity is still growing every day. Want longer life out of each charge? Why not upgrade to the 350mAh battery? Nearly double the power of our standard batteries.

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