SmokeTip Introduces a New Long-Lasting E-Cig Battery

Long-Lasting E-Cig Battery

SmokeTip is happy to announce the introduction of their new long-lasting e-cig battery. This little 180mAh lithium puppy is a big upgrade sure to provide you with longer life on your e-cig unit. So what does this mean for you and what can you do to get your hands on one of these new batteries?

Charging the new long-lasting e-cig battery does require a new type of USB charger and wall adapter. Luckily, these new chargers will still charge your old batteries as well. Plus, the new battery is fully compatible with the SmokeTip cartridges you already have.

Getting a new long-lasting e-cig battery and new chargers is easy. Just visit our accessories page, where you’ll see a special deal on the whole package. Or, you can get the whole kit for free simply by purchasing 5 ten (10) packs of refill cartridges, which you’ll probably need anyway. For more details about this great offer, click here.

Leading the way in smokeless cigarette technology is the only way SmokeTip knows to be!