SmokeTip Offers a Special Sale on Electric Cigs

Sale on Electric Cigs

Ok, this one’s a no brainer. SmokeTip e-cigs are getting so popular nowadays it’s nearly impossible to not know someone who uses them. You might even be a loyal customer yourself. Either way, SmokeTip is happy to offer a special sale on electric cigs, just for those of you looking to expand the SmokeTip family…

Using E-Cigarettes

Let’s start with our favorite people…our loyal customers. Whether you’ve been using SmokeTip for awhile or just got started recently, we thank you for choosing us. And, in return, we’d like to offer you a special sale on electric cigs. When you refer a friend and they purchase their first SmokeTip kit, you get $15. Easy as that.

Buying Smokeless Cigarettes

If you’re still on the fence about making the switch to e-cigs, it’s likely that any of your friends and family who use SmokeTip have been talking your ear off about how great it is (thank them for us, ok?). Once you’re ready to make the switch, be sure to have them refer you to our site first. This way, you’ll get a special sale on electric cigs in the form of $5 off your starter kit.

Check out the SmokeTip referral form by clicking here.

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