Smoking Bans and E-Cigs

Lots of people come to us with concerns about smoking bans and e-cigs. After all, you’d hate to have finally made the switch to this smoking alternative, only to find out that you can’t use it anywhere that you can’t smoke. You’ve heard about being able to smoke anywhere, but that could be just rumors.

The Smoking Health Act refers strictly to tobacco devices or “lit” tobacco delivery devices. Since our smokeless cigarettes contain no flame, the ban simply does not apply. Also the “smoke” generated by these devices is nothing more than flavored water vapor, so there are no secondhand smoke concerns. Basically, smoking bans and e-cigs don’t apply to each other.

Of course, should you purchase a SmokeTip vapor cig, it might be wise to alert those around you that it’s not the real thing. Our e-cigs are so realistic, you could easily start getting cross looks and scowls if you’re using it where others aren’t allowed to smoke. Most people realize why smoking bans and e-cigs don’t match, once you explain it to them.

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