Smoking E-Cigs? What’s in it For Me?

Sure, you’ve heard about the crazy popularity of electronic cigarettes lately, but you’re not the type of person to start smoking e-cigs just because they’re the hot new thing.

If you’re going to make such a significant lifestyle change, you’re going to need some convincing, am I right? So what’s in it for you if you start smoking e-cigs? Let me drop a little knowledge on you.

1. Healthier – no tar, no tobacco, no secondhand smoke, no known harmful compounds (compared to 40+ carcinogens in your standard smokes).

2. Convenient – smoke virtually anywhere since you are not a health threat to anyone around you (provided you’ve showered lately).

3. Cheaper – since each SmokeTip e-cig cartridge ($17.50 for a 10 pack with free shipping) lasts as long as 1.25 packs, you’ll be saving money hand over fist in no time.

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