Team Tip Contains Nearly 3,000 Satisfied Vapor Cig Users!

Satisfied Vapor Cig Users

If there’s one thing that smokeless cigarette devotees love almost as much as their new piece of technology, it’s sharing stories and tips with each other, especially online. These networks often become huge, not to mention hugely popular. This is the case with Team Tip, our group of satisfied vapor cig users on Facebook and Twitter.

Back in August, we let you know that Team Tip was about to hit the 2,000 mark. In a little over two months, we’re now pushing 3,000 satisfied vapor cig users. We knew you guys were enjoying the heck out of our product, but even we’re a little surprised about the terrific turnout. Every day, several folks post inspiring stories or tips and advice for their fellow Tippers.

If you’re ready to join Team Tip and share your stories, advice, or favorite flavors and accessories, just check out our Facebook page (click here) and Twitter feed (click here). Not only do you get to share the triumphant experience with others, but you’ll also be the first to hear about special deals and promotions. Score!

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