The Importance of Cleaning a Smokeless Cigarette

Cleaning a Smokeless Cigarette

What’s the most important piece of technology you carry with you today? Your smartphone? Nope. That fancy new netbook or iPad? Not even close. None of these really care about providing you a satisfying smoking experience do they? Downloaded mp3s or a few minutes of Angry Birds can’t really quell the need for a few good puffs. Enter the smokeless cigarette. Realizing the importance of this little piece of technology in your pocket or purse is the first step to taking proper care of it.

The new SmokeTip cleaning kit is a perfect addition to your collection of e-cigarette accessories. The kit comes with enough supplies to keep your smokeless cig clean and running top notch for 6 months. This means keeping the battery contacts clean of any accumulations so you’re getting that instant, smooth drag you’re used to. You’ll also want to use the included T-pins to clear out the air vent holes on the battery.

The exclusive SmokeTip cleaning kit is available on our accessories page by clicking here. You can also read our free cleaning guide by clicking here. Bottom line, if you take care of your SmokeTip e-cig, it will continue taking care of you.